Only 14 FREE DIAGNOSTICS left for this Month

Only 14 FREE DIAGNOSTICS left for this month.

Free Diagnostic: Invoices over 250k a year? Understand how to Increase your Online Store's Monthly Revenue by up to 50% in the Next 6 Months.

Dear eCommerce Owner/Manager...

You have an Online Store that is making some revenue, but you know you have much more potential.

Or maybe you have a successful Physical Business, but since you feel that Online is the Future (actually, you know it’s already the Present), you want to invest in your eCommerce (which is quite dormant, let’s face it).

But, unfortunately, the day only has 24 hours, and you can’t do everything…

You don’t have time to 👇

Understand how people interact with your site and what you can do to encourage them to buy more;

Learn to manage online advertising (Facebook, Instagram, and Google) so that you profit in the present and grow in the future;

Comprehend how you can sell more to people who have already bought from you (this is the secret to exponential growth);

And also handle all the product management, shipments, finances, and the rest of your team!

Does all this seem impossible for one person? There’s a good reason for that: it is.

There’s a world where your business grows, and you have more money, time, and fun.

We want to help you get there.


That you gain the necessary clarity on the basic metrics of Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Management, as well as Marketing, to take assertive actions that will increase your eCommerce sales by up to 50% in 6 months.


It’s not worth starting to think about Marketing and Advertising if there are management flaws. We help you:

Identify flaws in Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Management of the Business;

Gain control of the ESSENTIAL Management Metrics to scale an eCommerce: AOV, CAC, LTV, PF, and TBP (and we also explain what all this means, don't worry);

With the business foundation in order, we move on to Marketing. We help you:

Analyze the structure of your ad accounts (Meta Ads and Google Ads) and how to optimize them;

Analyze your site's Google Search Console to understand vulnerabilities in your organic traffic acquisition strategy;

Analyze Google Analytics to understand which Channels are contributing most to your eCommerce Sales and improve them;

With the points we highlighted aligned, the path becomes only one: to Sell MORE. And with these additional sales comes achieving everything you aspire for YOURSELF and your BUSINESS.


.. Either choose to work with us, and you’ll have a team with over half a decade of proven experience and results in eCommerce to implement a work methodology that will exponentially accelerate your business.

… Or you could discover your own path based on trial and error.

But one thing at a time. First…

Find out how to increase your Online Store’s revenue by up to 50% in 6 months with our Free Diagnostic


We have over half a decade of proven results in eCommerce.

Because we only do 14 Diagnostics per Month

Because we only do 14 Diagnostics per Month
Our focus is on quality, not quantity.

We want all the Free Diagnostics we conduct to be the most valuable 60 minutes that eCommerce Owners have had this year.

Therefore, this limit allows us to focus on delivering the most value possible to the businesses we select to carry out the Free Diagnostic.

Be one of the 14 people this month! Discover how to increase your eCommerce sales by up to 50% in the next 6 months.


Rui Nogueria

Rui is the Founder of “Diário De Um Ambicioso,” the first eCommerce Hub in Portugal.

He leads the team that works side by side with various eCommerce business managers aiming to scale their sales, cash flow, and profit.

Just between 2021 and 2022, he managed more than 500,000 euros in Online Advertising, which resulted in over 118,421 sales, leading to a turnover of over 9.515 million euros for his clients.”


With the right methodology, it’s possible.

Discover how to increase your Online Store’s sales by up to 50% in 6 months with our Free Diagnostic


No! With the Free Diagnostic, we aim to give eCommerce Owners the clarity and foundation necessary to increase their business’s monthly turnover by 50% in the next 6 months.

It’s a time to reflect on your business and chart a path to profitability alongside professionals with over half a decade of experience in the field, totally free of charge and without obligation.

We want it to be the most valuable 60 minutes you’ve had this year.

In our experience, eCommerce owners have at least one of three aspects of their business poorly optimized: they don’t have a way to capture and analyze the essential management metrics to scale an online store, data capture tools on their website are poorly installed and optimized, or the ad accounts are poorly structured.

In the 60 minutes of the Free Diagnostic, we help you align all these points to have the necessary clarity to manage your business assertively.

One of our specialists will contact you and ask some questions to have a basis for work before conducting the Free Diagnostic. Then, we will schedule a time that is convenient for both parties, so we can work together on optimizing the Ad Accounts, Data Capture Tools on the Website, and the Business Management Metrics.

We were, but we realized that this was too limiting.

eCommerce Owners need more than someone to manage their online advertising; they need a partner to help maximize the profitability of their businesses as a whole, and although investment in advertising is part of that equation, it is just one factor.

What eCommerce Owners need is an eCommerce Hub.

An eCommerce Hub is a partner that sits alongside the management team of an eCommerce and understands, together with the Company Manager, the best way to increase the Cash Flow, Turnover, and Profit of the Business.


This involves the work of optimizing Ad Accounts, Website Conversions, and Email Marketing that Marketing Agencies already do, but also a job of Defining and Calculating Margins and Collecting and Analyzing Tactical Management Metrics, which are fundamental for scaling an eCommerce business sustainably, in addition to support for the various aspects of management (from Marketing to Finance and Accounting, through Human Resources and Legal Affairs).


It’s a methodology that works all the functional areas of the company, and therefore allows for defining a more precise and assertive path for business growth in the short, medium, and long term.