The Right Partner to Scale Your eCommerce Business

Be No.1. Master Your Sector.

The right partner to scale eCommerce Business

Be the No. 1. Dominate your sector.

Increase sales









We are the 1st eCommerce Hub in Portugal.

We assist eCommerce businesses in scaling their sales, profits, and cash flow by implementing the DSS - Daily Sales System. Our work methodology.

For whom we are

For the partnership to work, it is recommended that you eCommerce:

  • Has revenues above 250k Euros/Dollars per year
  • Has been in existence for more than 1 year
  • Has a structured internal team


The talent and expansion of a team cannot be limited by geographical issues. If the right person to solve a problem is on the other side of the world, it is our obligation to integrate them into the team.


To scale and be No.1 there can be no room for "guesswork". Everything that is done must be measured, analyzed, and interpreted. We prioritize critical and strategic thinking.

100% Scale-oriented

Every move is thought about in terms of business scale. The goal is to dominate the market as quickly as possible and make you No.1


At any time, it is possible to know what is being done, what the results are, and the performance of each team member. All through dashboards customized to the client's needs.

Benefits of working with us

Everything we do aims to direct and monetize the Ambition of visionary people.

Increase sales

A strategic approach is necessary to ensure being 2 steps ahead of your competition.

Focus on becoming No. 1

To be No.1, it is essential to ensure a constant financial flow. But this is just the 1st part.

Grow without losing margin

What good is increasing sales if your margin starts to dilute whenever you invoice more? It is essential to preserve value.

Assertiveness in decisions

There is no room for "guesswork". All decisions must be "Data-Driven".


A strategic approach is needed that ensures 2 steps ahead of your competition.

Focus on becoming No. 1

To be No. 1, a constant financial flow must be ensured. But that's just the first part.

Grow without losing margin

What's the point of increasing sales if your margin starts to dilute every time you invoice more? It is necessary to preserve value.

Assertiveness in decisions

There is no room for "guesswork." All decisions must be "Data-Driven."

Personalized monitoring

Those who want to be at the top need top-tier monitoring. You need a premium team capable of viewing the business from a 360-degree perspective.

Much more than increasing sales. We make businesses grow.

DSS: What is it and how does it work?

DSS (Daily Sales System) is the consultancy service used to implement our work methodology and ensure:

+ control and security

+ optimization of resources

+ clarity and assertiveness

+ scalability capability

Understand the approach

This work approach is based on 4 pillars, supported by a trinity, aligned through a strategic management that allows incremental and constant improvements.

4 Corners of Ambition

A constant flow of people (Traffic) is necessary, to be Engaged so that Conversion opportunities appear. To scale, Retention is necessary.

Growth Trinity

Constant Sales are necessary, to bring money in, so that Profit can be generated to have a constant Cash Flow.

Visionary Management

It is necessary to have a clear vision of all constituents to have a strategic and execution plan that delivers the intended results.

How does the partnership between DDUA and the customer work?

Just like winning F1 is a team job, growing a company is the same.

The business is the car, it must be in condition to go fast.

The customer is the pilot, must have the ability to drive at high speed.

DDUA is the "pitstop", must give the necessary support for high performance.

It is important for the customer to understand how the digital machine works and manage it together with us. That's why the SVD is an advisory service.

What does DDUA do in practice?

Through weekly and personalized monitoring to the customer's needs, DDUA divides its involvement into 3 levels:


Main goal: develop brand value.

Profit Increase

Optimization of resources (time, team, and money) to increase the release of net margin

Team Alignment

To be No. 1, a team aligned with the business vision is necessary.

Strengthening positioning

More reaction time against new threats.

Purchase Acceleration

Increase consideration at the time of purchase with the brand.


Main goal: optimize processes and investments

Investment Optimization

Elimination of misaligned investments, and cost optimization in advertising and communication.

Structuring offers

More than good products are needed, good offers aligned with sales funnels and brand pillars are needed.

Increase return per customer

Implementation and optimization of actions to increase the possible value per customer and reduce the same acquisition cost.


Main goal: achieve the outlined objectives.

Traffic management

Compra de tráfego através de campanhas pagas no Facebook, Google, ou outras fontes. Criação dos criativos a serem usados nas campanhas.


Operationalization of automations, creation of newsletters, increase in contact numbers, increase in sales by email.

Sales funnels

Creation of sales funnels to increase and increase the return of financial efforts.


Execution of A/B tests to identify new paths and increase the business conversion rate.

The right partner to scale your eCommerce Business

Be No.1. Master Your Sector.